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What your Menstrual Blood is Telling You

How colour and quality reflects your hormone levels.

Our body always gives us the signs we need to address imbalances and our period blood is no exception to the rule. Whilst most girls and women focus on disposing of this blood, I would recommend starting to take a closer look to see just how healthy things are reproductively for you.

Type 1 - Bright Red, few clots, thicker than water, moderate amounts

This is the healthiest blood and indicates that your sex hormone levels are balanced.

Type 2 - Dark Brown, scant amounts, possible spotting before period

This likely indicates low levels of progesterone which causes the lining of the uterus to not mature completely. Low levels of progesterone impact our ability to conceive and hold a child to full term.

Type 3 - Dark Red / Purple, heavy and thick, with clots, often with cramps and breast tenderness plus other signs of PMS

This indicates high levels of estrogen in the body, specifically unhealthy xenoestrogens. This causes the lining of the uterus to grow too thick, the opposite to Type 2 blood mentioned above.

Type 4 - Light Pink, watery, light flow, commonly less that 4 days

This can indicate low levels of estrogen in contrast to Type 3 and is very common in women who are malnourished and lacking in key nutrients.

If you have very short cycles (under 25 days), very long (over 35 days), irregular or missing periods, then these are all signs of hormone imbalances in your body that need addressing to bring you into a state of optimal wellness.

If you want to explore your Menstrual Cycle health further then I cover this in Week 3 of my Goddess Up Programme, which comes as part of the package of working with me - get in touch here to arrange a FREE call and we can take it from there!


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