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Since 2011, I have been been both journeying deeper into myself to clear out past traumas, blockages and ancestral karmas to boost my physical, sexual, mental and emotional health, whilst helping others to do the same using a variety of techniques and tools. These have included Future Life Progression, Past Life Regression, Energy Medicine and Psychology, Astrology, Crystals, Tarot, Yoga, Tantra, Sound, Shamanic practice, Bodywork, Qigong, Taoist female practice, Veganism and Pendulum Healing. The latter of these is my go to practice now as it works very well remotely.

I am naturally intuitive and have an understanding of the human psyche and biology. I know the battles between the ego and the higher self all too well and how it feels to crack wide open and truly feel vulnerable and reconnect to a sense of authenticity after years of oppression in the society we have grown accustomed to in the West.


I am fully insured to practice my healing work.

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