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The Heart Cervix Connection

The deeper we enter the Yoni space, the closer we get to the cervix, the gateway to life. During the monthly cycle the cervix moves up and down in preparation for potential conception. At ovulation it is raised the highest towards the womb, straight, soft, open and producing copious fluids ready to receive semen. Outside of ovulation during the luteal and follicular phases the cervix remains low and tilted, dry, closed and firm. With this in mind we can work consciously to "sew seeds" of intention at ovulation as we are at our ripest and most abundant as women.

The most important connection to make with your cervix is that to the heart centre. The two are intrinsically linked energetically. In the male anatomy the tip of the Lingam (penis) also relates to the heart. When these two meet each other during love making the potential for deep awakening and soul connection arises. A rebirthing process can be activated even if you are not conceiving a child. Many women's cervixes are numb and desensitised from neglect, deeply rooted traumas, ancestral imprints etc, but also from pounding during intercourse. This is the most sensitive spot in the Yoni and needs very gentle care and caressing to open it up to orgasm.

As you heal the cervix through Yoni massage, visualisation and appropriate love making, you will feel your heart chakra expand and open up to the fuller potential of life. The intimacy you will feel towards yourself and in turn with your partner will be immense. This right of passage is so often neglected by women and it is my greatest wish to help more journey through this initiation.

If you would be interested in realising your full potential as a sovereign woman, then I offer one to one sessions alongside my 6 week online Goddess Up Programme. To schedule a FREE call to discuss further, please get in touch here.

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