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Resetting the Yoni

In my own personal healing journey and in the work that I do with women, by far the most potent and powerful point of transformation comes when a deep reset of the Yoni (Vaginal and Womb Space) takes place. This powerful part of our anatomy remains hidden and internalised in comparison to the male genitalia that is more prominent and yang in its nature. We as women therefore need to be careful not to let our sexual realms be forgotten or neglected. The Yoni is the powerhouse of creation, the birthing canal and also the gateway of death through our monthly bleeds and miscarriages.

Women can hold deeply ingrained traumas in this part of the body from difficult sexual encounters, those where love did not exist e.g. one night stands, sexual repression, guilt, shame, heavy and painful periods, dis-ease of the reproductive system, and as mentioned above, from birth and miscarriage. It is also very common to hold ancestral lineage traumas and blockages here and those of the feminine collective. The result of leaving these matters unattended can lead to an armouring of this area, resulting in lack of libido, painful intercourse, fear and resentment towards the masculine, low moods, lethargy, depression, the inability to feel pleasure, orgasm deeply at the g-spot and cervix, vaginal dryness; alongside general stagnation in life, business and finances.

When we takes steps to actively reset and heal the Yoni, we rebirth ourselves and arrive in a whole new paradigm full of juiciness and expansion.

My top tips for beginning Yoni work are as follows:

  • Start by placing your hands over your womb area and deeply breathing into the space for a few minutes before moving them down to your vulva and do the same. See what you can perceive there, what feelings come up, what sensations. How connected do you feel to this precious part of your body? Can you feel your pulse here?

  • Speak to your Yoni, ask her is she happy? Could improvements be made?

  • Take a small mirror and look at your vulva area in detail with love and acceptance, take photos and even create an artwork inspired by her.

  • Do some sensual body movements, hip rotations, erotic dancing just for you, no one else.

  • Sign up to work with me and receive access to my 6 week Goddess Up Programme, which includes a whole week dedicated to Womb Alchemy, including how to do Yoni Massage for yourself and heal the 8 Sacred Gateways. Get in touch here for a FREE call to discuss suitability.


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