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Since 2012 and the birth of her first business Chakra Cakes, Sarah has worked with seasonal, biodynamic, plant-based and gluten-free wholefoods, using unrefined natural sweeteners. Her recipe book Vegan Recipes to Enhance Your Yoga Life is a collection of 60 of her favourite simple dishes. In the book you will learn how to work with your chakras at a physical and energetic level with the foods that you eat. There are also affirmations, seed mantra and yoga positions to help balance your chakras at a spiritual level. Each chakra is linked to a different aspect of your mind, body and spirit. By learning to recognise how you personal system is functioning, you will begin to see noticeable positive shifts in your world! 

Lighter eating doesn't mean going hungry!

Sarah Wilkinson's delicious dishes prove that comfort food can be nutritious and satisfying too.

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What People Say

I have been vege for 30 years and I have never been so impressed with a cookbook as your's 

that I got from my local library. I have four vege kids and they all LOVE your food. Just wanted to say keep going you're fantastic!!!


A thought provoking and informative book with lots of spiritual information and practical advice. Something new from the recipes too.


A very enjoyable book to read and cook from. The recipes are delicious and not complicated and all are

very colourful and uplifting!
This is a vegan cookbook, what I like about it is learning a new way of cooking and mixing flavours and there is a great diversity of vegetables and herbs to play with...Adding to that the colourful food acts on your chakras is, for me, fun!

Cha Cha