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Rooting Yourself to Earth

As women, it is very important that we cultivate strong roots to the planet in order to embody the Divine Feminine and grow into our sovereignty. This helps us to move away from codependent and karmic dynamics with others. Many of us have had damaged lower chakras and autonomic nervous systems since birth, so the healing process involves a complete rebirthing from the ground up. In many ways we become a very different version of ourselves, one that is true and authentic.

I have observed that empaths in particular have very damaged roots, hence the common want to leave the planet, escape pain and the soul path they are destined for. The struggle to reach stability and embodiment is so alien to these women because they have been disconnected from the planet since birth. It may sound like an odd paradox, but they never truly connected upon incarnation. I was one such soul myself who struggled and I remember a spiritual healer telling me I was several inches off the ground - she wasn't wrong! That knowledge galvanised me to begin healing at a deep level, which led me eventually to womb work, reparenting and inner union.

When we have grown up in toxic family settings and not received the love and nurturing necessary, it is hard to identify who we are. This is because our soul is fragmented and in early years we form psyche splits to cope with our environment. In doing so we loose the connection with our our Inner Child, our Divine Spark and instead are led by our disrupted psyche, which causes internal conflict. This of course is then reflects in our outer world and the experiences we face on the planet.

The root chakra is at the base of the spine and all around the anal area, including the perineum. This is also where the branches of the dorsal vagus nerve end. Once we rebuild this area, new sensations come into the body and our ability to stand independently increases. We begin to feel plugged into the earthly experience and gain a stronger connection to the material plain. When combined with our Divine essence, this equates to sovereignty.

In my one to one work with women, I help to rebuild from the ground up, clearing the old imprints and toxicities, to do Inner Child healing and so much more. Contact me here if you are interested in a FREE chat to discuss suitability.

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