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Goddess Up

The Goddess Up Programme supports women with embodying the Divine Feminine, embracing their Sacred Sexuality to gain Sovereignty and attain a more healthy and fulfilling life

The offering

This offering has been lovingly created to help women be the change that is necessary in order to nurture the future generations. It opens up the portal to the Divine Feminine through womb wisdom and the heart space, enabling beauty to radiate from the inside. I have had so many of my clients say that they have tried self-help books, meditation, talk therapy, yoga, acupuncture, reflexology, reiki, chiropractic work - you name it and nothing actually created a lasting and profound change within them and their lives until they worked with me. All ladies who sign up to work with me one to one, will receive full access to the programme. Get in touch here to arrange a FREE call to discuss your needs.

What you get

​     The 6 Week Goddess Up Programme with FREE Bonuses:

  • Bonus 1 Future Life Progression Journey to Quantum Leap into your Goddess Self

  • Bonus 2 An Introduction to 5 Element Healing

  • Bonus 3 Rebirthing Guided Meditation

  • Bonus 4 Conscious Conception Meditation 

  • Monthly online Eden Circle 

Goddess up

6 Week Online Programme

Week 1 The Chakras - An in depth exploration and self assessment of your energy centres. This is essential foundational work for getting the energy to flow effectively in the body.


Week 2 Vegan Eating - Nutritional Information and a selection of healthy and delicious recipes taken from my organic, vegan and gluten-free cookbook for you to explore.

Week 3 Female Health - A look at menstrual cycle biology, hormones and nutritional approaches to supporting female health; alongside breast massage and herbal remedies. This week is useful for women of all ages.

Week 4 Divine Feminine - A step by step guide to reprogram your mindset and embody more of your feminine (yin) essence.

Week 5 Womb Alchemy - A deep dive into your Yoni to begin the de-armouring process through trauma release massage, journeying through the gateways and bridging this to your heart centre to create more orgasmic and blissful experiences.

Week 6 Tap Your Way to Success - A week of tapping (EFT) to continue with sovereignty mindset reprogramming down to a cellular level.

The benefits 

  • An embodiment of the chakra system and an understanding of its vital role in your health and wellbeing as a woman.

  • A selection of simple recipes and nutritional information on plant-based eating for your chakras and female health.

  • How to work with the ebb and flow of the cycle for optimal health and hormone balance including how to nourish the body.

  • Learn how to breast massage for supporting hormonal health, connecting to your heart centre and activating more sensuality.

  • A recognition and integration of the Feminine (yin) essence for a more harmonious way of being and flowing with, rather than against life.

  • The ability to release trauma and stagnant energy from within your vaginal or yoni space, increasing connection and pleasure potential.

  • A more balanced autonomic nervous system and therefore the ability to manage stress more affectively.

  • Female lineage, ancestral, inner child and collective healing.

  • A closer and healthier connection to your heart and womb space.

  • A basic knowledge of the 5 Element System and how to work with this.

  • A healthier and more abundant mindset, enabling you to make positive shifts in your world. 

  • Knowledge of how to read the basics of your natal chart through Tropical and Sidereal astrology, with in depth information on the Nakshatras.

This is for you if

  • You are disconnected from your reproductive system including symptoms such as PMS, inability to have g-spot and cervical orgasms, menopausal symptoms and infertility.

  • You are seeking a deeper and more intimate connection with yourself and others both sexually and on other levels.

  • You are embarrassed or have trouble knowing and expressing your sexual needs and desires.

  • You tend to fit into the empathic, motherly archetype and have yet to embody your primal nature or have lost it long the way.

  • You are interested in developing an existing relationship into a Sacred Union or to attract in such a partner.

  • You need to heal old wounds, traumas and imprints.

  • You feel misaligned with your soul purpose.

  • You are seeking to improve your overall health and wellbeing alongside boosting your finances and abundance in general.

  • You wish to start reprogramming your mindset for a happier existence.

  • You want to become the most empowered and best version of yourself.

  • You see the value in creating a new healthier and more balanced paradigm for the future generations

Sample video from Week 3 Female Health

Having had absent periods, I wanted to learn more about my moon cycle. I didn’t understand how my body really works and I was struck by how disconnected I was from my womb space. Sarah's Goddess Up programme supports a journey into a deep level of understanding of the female body and how to embrace our periods. It allows us to surrender to our femininity to gain greater insight into our bodies by taking the time daily to tune into how we are feeling.

If you are at a point in your life where you feel like you need a break, you may be like me feeling burnt out, needing some boundaries, and how to bring balance into your life, then I would recommend signing up for this.


Sarah's Womb Alchemy week of the Goddess Up Programme had a noticeable effect on the level of intimacy I was able to have with my partner, which was wonderful and not expected. I know I am only at the beginning of my womb healing journey, but it's great to finally see why this is one of the most important areas of healing for our spiritual evolution.


When I met Sarah and found out about her Goddess work I knew that I wanted to sign up for one to one sessions. The journey so far has been enlightening and Sarah's approach is so refreshing. Sarah has guided me through some difficult and deep traumas and used her amazing skills to work with me and release deep and often ancestral patterns. I highly recommend working with Sarah if you want to find your inner goddess and become your authentic self. She will not disappoint, a very talented and inspiring lady with a very different approach.


 Regardless of the subject, Sarah always has evolved and intelligent ideas, knowledge and wisdom to offer and she is not one to do things by halves! If you are wondering whether or not to explore healing work with her, I would highly recommend doing so. 


Eden Circle

The Eden Circle gathers on the first weekend of the month via Zoom. We do group healing, visualisations, share with each other and act as a support network of likeminded women journeying into wholeness and Sacred Union. 

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