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Womb Wisdom 


Sarah's mini courses, astrological and tarot readings on reclaiming female sovereignty and womb wisdom, suitable for women of all ages looking to heal and integrate old wounds and align with the truth of their being.

7 Steps to Embracing the Divine Feminine

In this week long mini course, Sarah takes you on a journey into Embracing the Divine Feminine. This is such important work to do at this time in evolution as we have all become too polarised into the Masculine / Solar / Yang energy during the last Patriarchal era and especially the unhealthy or shadow side of it. The balance needs addressing to regain optimal DNA in our ancestry and create a happier and more peaceful existence here for ourselves and the future generations.


How it works:

Each day you will receive a short video building upon the previous step and also a specially channeled guide on Sarah's Go to Goddesses for support in your life. 

This will be particularly beneficial if:

  • You get tired and burnt out often.

  • You are in a leadership position at work.

  • You tend to be the organiser and strategist.

  • You are the one that holds everything together. 

  • You overthink or have sleep and anxiety issues.

  • In relationships you tend to control things or attract passive or flakey partners.

What you will gain:

  • Understanding the basic principles of the Divine Feminine Essence.

  • How to take practical steps to integrate these into your life.

  • Tools for mindset reprogramming.

  • Start to regain balance in your autonomic nervous system (parasympathetic and sympathetic responses).


A Basic Introduction to Womb Alchemy

In this offering we take things deeper into the Dark Feminine, building upon the first mini course of 7 Steps to Embracing the Divine Feminine. This is an opportunity to be a true feminine warrior and come face to face with your hidden or shadow aspects and learn to love yourself through the process.*This work is not suitable for anyone currently experiencing acute trauma symptoms such as shock, grief, severe physical injury. 

How it works:

You will receive an introductory audio, instructional videos and one downloadable audio journey, along with accompanying PDFs. Sarah guides you through the process of Yoni Massage for Trauma Release and Wound Integration, gives basic daily Qigong practices along with Breast Massage technique and takes you on a journey into the Sacred Gateways to the Womb. A bonus video on the Forgotten Power of the Period is also included. 

This will be particularly beneficial if:

  • You have suffered any trauma in your reproductive system from painful periods to physical injury and are ready to face and heal this on all levels.

  • You have lost your libido and/or you have trouble with feeling pleasure and orgasm.

  • You have had sexual partners where there hasn't been a deep loving union.

  • You are having trouble conceiving a child.

  • You know there is a history of mental, emotional and/or physical dis-ease in your family, particularly the maternal lineage.

  • You were born under traumatic circumstances be that forced induction, emergency c-section or your mother had a history of miscarriage before you were born.

  • You experienced other early developmental trauma such as separation from primary care givers, toxic shaming, lack of skin to skin contact, physical abuse, unhealthy family dynamics.

What you will gain:

  • The ability to release numbness and primal trauma from within your Yoni.

  • Greater connection to the Divine Feminine (building upon the 7 Steps Mini Course).

  • Grounding and nurturing practices to support your body into self regulation.

  • Female lineage, ancestral, personal and collective healing.

  • An initiation into the shamanic way of being as a woman.

  • A closer and healthier connection to your heart and womb space.

  • A cleaner and clearer temple as your body.

  • The potential for experiencing deeper soul union connections in all your relationships. 

  • The potential for multi-orgasmic experiences during love making. 

  • A body that is better prepared for conception and childbirth.


Astrological Natal Chart Reading

Sarah examines your natal chart from a Western and Vedic perspective. She particularly considers the North and South Nodal axis and Nakshatras (Lunar Mansions) in her interpretation, along with any major transits and intuitive insights she may get from looking at the chart. The focus is on helping you to become more empowered by understanding the blueprint you were born under - its strengths and challenges.

A 45 minute recording is is delivered by MP4 format to your inbox. Please allow 1 week from purchase to receive the recording. In order to gain the best from this interpretation you will need to know your date, time and location of birth.


Tarot Reading

A personalised general reading to help guide your forwards on your soul path. You may submit any questions that you have for a more focused reading. 

Readings are approximately 45 minutes and recorded by Sarah at an appropriate time to open up energetically. They are sent on MP4 to your inbox. Please allow up to 72 hours to receive you reading after payment.