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Beautiful and appreciative words from women that I have helped to move towards sovereignty.

As well as being a skilled healer, Sarah is a force for all that is good. With her generosity of spirit, warm personality and huge sense of fun, she inspires positivity and courage in everyone she meets.


She has done, and is doing, wonderful things for me. I could not recommend her more highly in every way.


I really got a lot out of sessions with Sarah and would highly recommend her to anyone. I was able to see a clear improvement in my chakra flow at the end of the sessions compared to the start. It was amazing!


She has a real gift and such a great person too.


I was looking for help on how to find the strength to get on with my life after breast cancer and all the harsh treatments that I had to have. Sarah is a true blessing, always exceptional! Her kindness, sincere caring, and healing made everything better. She is one of the reasons that I am doing very well now. She helps a lot with all my issues that get in the way of my self-expression, self-acceptance and self-love. How to face whatever is in front of me...


Words cannot describe how grateful I am. Thank you for taking such good care of me.


I knew for a long time that something wasn't working in my body. My yoga teacher recommended to have a healing session with Sarah. The results were impressive. Love & blessings to this gifted healer.


I have been working with Sarah know as “The Golden Goddess” for several months now. Sarah is a very gentle soul, yet a tremendously powerful, gifted individual. With her natural gifts and gentle approach, as an intuitive healer she weaves her way through the blocks that are holding you back from being your best self. Blocks that we all carry from the experience of this life and the many other lives that we have lived.

I would highly recommend you to work with Sarah as she holds the wisdom that will guide you into connecting with that innate divine feminine goddess energy within you.


I worked with Sarah for 3 months every week and it was the most wonderful centering experience. I learnt so much about myself during our time together. Sarah has led, taught and supported me in my journey of physical and mental wellbeing, healing past traumas and in my understanding of my spiritual journey. 

Sarah has the most warm, beautiful, caring soul and I trust her implicitly. Thank you for your loving energy and for all the healing and guidance you have given me.


I found Sarah through her cookbook “Vegan Recipes to Enhance Your Yoga Life”. I loved it so much reading it from cover to cover finding contact details for the Golden Goddess UK on the back page. 


I have been searching for answers to find who I really am for a long time. After working ‘on myself’ for years moving from counselling to holistic therapies, you name it and I’ve probably tried it. The searching is exhausting. Working with Sarah has been a revelation.


I believe what Sarah has to offer is essential for all women to know. One to ones alongside the Goddess Up Programme is a great opportunity to access Sarah’s wisdom.


Sarah’s approach is heartfelt and authentic. She supports the journey to finding your true self through embodying practices from the physical to spiritual levels.