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Tarot & Astrology

Tarot and natal chart readings for women to provide insight and guidance on the path to sovereignty.

Tarot Reading

A personalised 30 minute general reading sent to your inbox to help guide you forwards on your path into sovereignty. You may submit any questions that you have for a more focused look. Please allow up to 72 hours after payment to receive your reading. 


Natal Chart Reading



Sarah examines your natal chart from a Western and Vedic perspective. She particularly considers the North and South Nodal axis and Nakshatras (Lunar Mansions) in her interpretation, along with any major transits and intuitive insights she may get from looking at the chart. The focus is on helping you to become more empowered by understanding the blueprint you were born under - its strengths and challenges.

A 45 minute audio recording is is delivered to your inbox. Please allow 1 week from purchase to receive the recording. In order to gain the best from this interpretation you will need to know your date, time and location of birth (please submit this at the payment checkout).


for Goddesses

The new ebook from Sarah that gives you all the tools needed to start interpreting your astrological natal (birth) chart using Western and Vedic methods, including information on:​

  • How to generate a Natal Chart online 

  • The Zodiac Signs

  • The Planets (personal and transpersonal)

  • The 12 Houses

  • The 27 Nakshatras (lunar mansions)

Released 17 September 2021