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SWILK Products

The SWILK product line was introduced as a complement to Sarah's healing and reading services. The products contain natural, organic, vegan and cruelty free ingredients. Sarah prescribes her magical Chakra Aroma Rollers, Chakra Teas and Body Scrubs on a one to one basis and yoga teachers enjoy using the Chakra Aroma Rollers in their classes.  Sarah can also make up workshop / retreat goodie bags with a selection of products as required.


If you require a free diagnosis then please make contact to discuss.

What People Say

This tea (Flora) is so nice, I don't think I am able to describe it, it contains all of my favourite ingredients at the moment, I had this after dinner and before bed last night. I slept through, which is unusual for me. When you drink this tea lots of flavours hit you, you don't know what you can taste first. But you settle in with this drink and you feel like you are having a warm hug. This is such a delight to drink. If you are looking for something not only to settle your stomach, help you sleep and settle your chakras (if that is your thing) then this is the tea for you.

Trish Talks

Really loved using the Serenity Chakra Body Scrub, I used it as an exfoliation first pre bath, which worked really well and left my legs feeling super smooth and loved, washed off easily and the aroma was soothing and calming. The salt crystals dissolved quickly leaving a beautifully scented bath to relax it, genuinely lovely to use.


I absolutely love the new SWILK Chakra Aroma Rollers, I bought Creativity with the intention of giving it to a friend and ended up using it myself with much success (making cat collars!) I bought Love for another friend who says she can't get enough of the smell :)


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