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Why Women Should Quit Alcohol

How our health can be improved radically on physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual levels.

Alcohol is a huge industry and has been favoured in the British culture for many centuries as a social pastime. It is ingrained in our collective and ancestral consciousness and therefore takes resilience to break free from its chains. It is every co-dependants best friend, the crutch and illusionary fixer of problems including stress levels and sleep, it even pertains to getting "up tight" people to loosen up and hit the dance floor. But what is really going on here? Why do so many spend thousands of pounds on this beverage in a lifetime, use it to "celebrate" and yet paradoxically also drown their sorrows in?

As an intuitive healer I have come across many who have alcholism running way back in their family lineages, so even if they don't class themselves as addicted to the substance per se, they have a genetic predisposition to being so. The roots of any addiction begin at self-sabotage and with the victim / aggressor tendencies. With alcohol we also have the sugar component, which in and by itself is craved by internal parasites in the body. At an energetic level parasites are feeders and destroyers of our internal Jing, Shen and Chi in Taoist traditions.

Pregnant women are advised not to drink alcohol, as its ability to cause foetal damage is widely accepted. So why do we drink outside of pregnancy? It is also well known the men who drink excessively reduce their sperm count dramatically. Clearly the jury is out that alcohol compromises fertility and therefore our ability to create new life. Strange how as a species we don't seem to be taking the hint? Surely every animal wants to preserve its kind, not increase the likelihood of extinction? Aren't humans a strange a clueless lot at times ...

Habitual and easily governed by societal "norms", people are terrified of standing out from the crowd, being the "party pooper" and not joining in the fun and games, including the junk food munchie moment at the end of the night and the Sunday meltdown on the sofa. For Lord knows that truly would be the end of the world as we know it. I am here to tell you that this couldn't be further from the truth, quitting alcohol is in fact the beginning of a whole new paradigm in your life that I guarantee you will be far more enjoyable in the long run. With less health issues to boot, including weight gain, cellulite, hangovers and fogginess, digestive issues and PMS, seriously why wouldn't you go sober???

So here are 5 further reasons why women should ditch the booze:

  • We were born to thrive, set an example and stand sovereign, not to exist as co-dependant sheeple. How great would it be to be the one that breaks the cycle in your family lineage?

  • We do not have the constitution of men and we are best on a predominantly feminine alkaline diet, alcohol is extremely acidic. Think how much better you will feel by working with the body you have been blessed with and not against it.

  • We have a menstrual cycle and the possibility of creating and housing new life, therefore our hormones and nervous systems need regulating and our bodies nurtured whether we choose to fall pregnant or not. Alcohol compromises our bodily functions.

  • Getting drunk often leads to one night stands, being devalued and attracting in the wrong kind of men. So last century ...

  • Being sober means that you have clarity of mind, stronger intuition and the ability to make serious positive change in this world. Don't you want to see women rise above the unhealthy and self destructive attitudes of the patriarch?

If you are interested in working more closely with me to become a sovereign woman, I offer one to one sessions with access to my 6 week Goddess Up Programme. Reach out here to book in a FREE call to discuss.

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