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Why Conscious Monogamy is the Answer to Lasting Relationships

Simple steps for moving towards healthier and happier partnerships.

Wouldn't you like to live in a world where women and men are more compassionate and understanding of one another? They don’t give up at the first hurdle or even the 10th? A world where relationships organically grow as the waves of energy between two souls learn to ebb and flow in unison. This is not an easy process for most due to the prolific mother and father wounds that need integrating from less than ideal childhood experiences. Most relationships begin on rocky foundations without the two parties even being conscious of this as they are caught in the waves of passion and the so-called “honeymoon” period. Sexual attraction alone is not the basis for a lasting monogamous relationship, in fact if this is all that is embraced by the two people, then it is likely to burn out very quickly.

In today's world of dating apps its like being in a sweetie store with so much variety to chose from. This urge to taste every flavour and keep things at a casual and superficial sexual level is dangerous territory for society. I encourage women to set a better standard in the dating realm and start to hold healthy boundaries around their sexuality in order to cultivate conscious monogamous relationships from the get go. Yes, this takes time and patience and assertiveness towards the man, it also requires a deep knowing of one's wants and needs, self-value and getting over fear of rejection for being true to yourself. The best partner for you will step up and meet you in that place of integrity.

When people enter relationships with a more mature psychology and from a place of authenticity rather than playing out codependent dynamics and unhealthy imprinted patterns from childhood, the bond of unconditional love grows. This creates a never ending honeymoon that is based on soul growth together and compassion for each other. Transparency and truth are key to creating healthy foundations for a long lasting and ever evolving relationship dynamic. Of course this has a positive ricochet effect down the generations, as a couple engaged in conscious monogamy will be able to provide and nurture their children from a healthy space that is void of codependency, shame and fear.

Here are some questions to ask yourself to prepare for conscious monogamy or Sacred Union as like to call it:

  • If you are single, what unintegrated wounds are preventing you from being in monogamous partnership with another?

  • What unhealthy patterns have you repeated in relationships so far, both personally and in the workplace? What needs to change?

  • If partnered - how can you better see yourself in order to see your partner?

  • What are they mirroring to you?

  • How can you express yourself to each other better, whilst holding a non judgmental space?

If you would like more help preparing for a conscious long term relationship then get in touch about working together one to one here.


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