War is Over - Calling all Lightworkers

There is a portal open until towards the end of April that won’t open again for another two years. I would like to see as many lightworkers, empaths, healers, earth angels, mystics, truth seekers, eco warriors, animal rights advocates and white witches pass through this one. You are needed to be leaders over the upcoming turbulent years on the planet to help humanity adjust to the higher frequencies on the planet.

The war is over against the Dark intergalactically and throughout the multiverse, but the fallout and casualties have to be addressed and minimised big time on Earth. Cancer, HPV, chronic viral and bacterial infections, car and other major accidents, mental and emotional confusion, financial poverty, infertility, depression for no known reason and paranoia are typical marks of the Dark used to hinder and prevent us from doing our work, coming into sacred union and breeding. Make no mistake these entities come in all shapes and sizes in human form - they are not always obviously “baddies” on the military frontline, in fact it is their underlings that do the most damage on the battle field.

Malevolent ETs are very clever at convincing you of their weaknesses through victimhood tactics to play on your heart strings and distract you while they keep you entrapped. They also can seem like the nicest of people, in fact the worst ones are - love bombing tactics and financial entrapment are common with these ones, but there are always small tell tale signs somewhere of their true colours. Often they go into meditative states whilst sitting in chairs, stare for unusually prolonged periods at people, like drinking alcohol and can be very charming in nature. Sometimes they go as far as getting a dose of disease themselves to convince you of their need for attention and to vampire your energy all the time making you weaker.

Quite a few of the New Age celebrities who have huge following on social media are malevolent ETs sent to hook people into what seemingly appears to be “Love and Light” through their global best selling books, oracle cards and teaching programmes. I would suggest asking the Divine to cleanse, remove cords, ties or hooks to any such false Gurus. Also be very aware when scrolling through social media at what you engage with. The other ones to watch are those that talk about ET's, especially Reptillians, as they sew seeds of fear through their videos etc - they are in fact Rebel Malevolent Reptillians themselves in disguise - again some of these have quite a following. Others are so called Manifestation experts and Wealth Gurus - they hook people into their hugely costly seminars and pretend to be "Good guys". Don't be deceived by the tactics they use to focus you on MONEY. Those Billionaires on the planet with foundations are extremely corrupt and have been trying to manipulate the laws of Karma for eons, by doing so called "Good deeds" alongside their pillaging of the planet's resources, building of AI and lethal weapons.

Some obvious signs you are under subtle attack include: strangulation sensations, breathing problems, leg and root chakra disabling - feet and knees are a big one, stomach stabbing, irritation or disturbances in the colon, bladder and vaginal area, car faults, distractions from people around you pulling you into their problems, sleep deprivation and night terrors, confusion, depression without a known cause, physical aggression, destruction of your business or work, stealing your property or possessions, loved one's being attacked through any of the ways listed above.

We need to defend the planet, animals and humans to prevent more unnecessary deaths at their hands. Those of you who have lost loved ones, children and animals in this battle who you know were of the Light - I can also help them in spirit so they too can support you and us on our onward mission.

If you feel called towards me for help, please reach out. I am not in this business for money, simply for Divine Justice. We can do this united in Love across dimensions of time space and beyond 💖🌎🐘⚖️☯️🌱✨