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Unconditional Love

Unconditional love is experienced within the self once internal conflict becomes neutralised. We achieve this by doing inner work around integrating our shadow self (unconscious), ancestral healing and balancing our personal karmas. The best way to reach this harmonious state is by deep detox on all levels, spiritual, mental, emotional, physical. Once enough toxins have been removed and unhealthy DNA coding has been reprogrammed, we are able to re-nourish ourselves and move towards this balanced and wholesome state.

The feeling of unconditional love is best experienced when it is reflected back to us by people in our environment. Often a child will have unconditional love for a parent and this is not reciprocated and can continue into adulthood. This causes tension and a friction between both parties that often manifests in disputes, feeling stressed around each other and power play dynamics. Until both people have resolved their internal conflicts there can be no exchange of unconditional love and the relationship remains disharmonious.

When unconditional love is reflected back to you it is a warm and deeply profound experience. This has nothing to do with sexual desires or romance, it is a neutral energy that ignites a fire within your heart and motivates soul growth and expansion of creative flow. It feels like home and can be experienced between many souls at one time. It is not confined to lovers, friends or family, it can be all of these and more simultaneously.

If you want help in reaching a state of unconditional love for self and others then why not work with me one to one, get in touch here to schedule a FREE call to discuss.

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