The Two Earthly Paradigms

The Ego State versus The Heart

There is no “them and us” but there is a split right now in society between staying in a separatist paradigm governed by ego or shifting over into one of wholeness led by the heart - the way of the Tao. Through the filter of the latter all has its place in the perfect jigsaw of life on earth, there are no rights and wrongs, bad or good. Some souls are destined to remain governed by the ego state as they gradually reintegrate soul fragments over several incarnations and others are ready now to quantum leap into the latter of inner and outer sacred union. Eventually all will migrate. It is a process of titration, bit by bit so as to keep the equilibrium. This is an awesome moment to be on Earth.

The Yin and the Yang form the whole and represent what we call the Divine Feminine and Masculine. These are non gender specific energies that together enable the life and death cycle of creation and optimal health. When we move into the paradigm of wholeness these two energy flows become united and balanced within ourselves. Our energy flows better allowing all of our organic, systems and functions of the body to perform optimally and life begins to become a beautiful experience without struggle and strife.

If you feel aligned with the path of wholeness, but don't know where to start then I offer One to One's for a personalised approach to your healing and integration process (reach out via the contact form) or my Golden Goddess Membership, where you have access to my 6 Week Goddess Up Programme.


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