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The Importance of Detox

I specialise in helping women to detox on all levels, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. This four pronged approach ensures that all bases are covered and a clean and clear natural bodily blueprint is established with strong immunity, ready for new soul growth on the dharmic path.

Spiritual Detox

This is where we look into any blockages that may be preventing a solid and embodied connection with your higher dimensional self. Often the ego is used to running the show, so a transformative process has to take place where this is surrendered to the divine.

Mental Detox

Here we consider the headspace and work to clear out any negative programming inherited from our ancestors. We also learn to surrender the overthinking and analytical pre-frontal cortex and instead allow the more ancient feminine brain to become activated, thus increasing our intuitive capacity.

Emotional Detox

By starting to honour and really feel our emotions rather than suppressing or ignoring them, we can release anything deeply trapped that is holding us back. Sometimes this involves unrealised experiences from past lives. People often self inflict emotional blockages to avoid the pain of facing their unintegrated shadow self hidden in the subconscious realms.

Physical Detox

Our body is the densest part of our multi-dimensional self that houses our soul. It is vital to survive the human experience on the Earth plane, therefore it is our duty to keep it clean and well functioning so that we can thrive. When we have a strong body internally our external body mirrors this through how youthful we look - our skin glows, our hair remains lustrous and plentiful etc. What we put into our bodies is so important to the overall balance of things. When we ingest acidic foods and drinks they act as a poison, causing dysregulation. This is particularly the case when combined with a stressful and hectic lifestyle so common in the modern day. I encourage the complete elimination of alcohol, coffee, meat, fish, eggs, dairy, gluten and refined sugars. For further inspiration check out my book Vegan Recipes to Enhance your Yoga Life : Food to Balance and Invigorate your Chakras.

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