The Collapse of the False Matrix

As I foretold at the beginning of January 2020, this decade will see the demise of the False Matrix. In practical terms this means that the veil of illusion (Maya) placed around the planet is lifting completely to reveal the truth of who we are. This ascension process is being led by the Divine and gets activated collectively and personally. Streams of new energies are flooding onto the planet in support and are accessible to those of us who open up to them.

Coinciding with the fall of the False Matrix at the beginning of 2020, came the last ditch attempt from people in positions of authority on the planet to sabotage this global awakening. A weapon was created and used against the population as a means of control to enforce isolation, separation from others and suffering. In true narcissistic fashion, people were led to believe that the authorities had their best interests at heart. False empathy carrots were dangled, media organisations paid off to spin the propaganda (as usual) and lots of money was made, just as it always is in staged warfare.

The good news is that because of the integrity of those who didn't buy into this scheme and have stood in their sovereignty, (even though we are currently in the minority) this charade will collapse, as will so much more. I especially applaud the medics who are willing to sacrifice their careers for basic human rights. The power of the heart is way stronger than the fear based mechanisms that have been used to control humanity. It is about quality over quantity. By connecting into the infinite resource of the Divine and the One True Matrix you are aligning with your fullest potential as a human.

The Second Coming is now, it happens through you and me, through our wombs. The Divine Feminine is rising up to meet with the Masculine to create Heaven on Earth. By purifying our bodies and clearing outdated DNA coding through ancestral healing work, we become aligned with the highest versions of ourselves incarnate and can receive more of the Divine elixir being gifted at this time.

I am able to facilitate this ascension process and help women to rise in their sovereignty. If you feel ready to take this journey then why not become a Golden Goddess Member for just £6 per month - click here for details and to sign up.


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