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The Act of Forgiveness

Ending karmic cycles requires forgiveness of self and those who have abused us. It is the path of courage and sovereignty. When we can reach a place of thanksgiving for the necessary soul growth that these "perpetrators" have initiated within us, we can see that it was essential to our earthly experience.

The way to move on from expired soul contracts and not remain bound to another's lower frequency is to embody love through forgiveness. This is worth bearing in mind when separating from partners, family members, friends or business associates. If we don't take the time to go through this motion of closing the old cycles, then we end up repeating the same or similar scenarios with others in our next life chapter, creating a stagnancy in our growth and ability to align with abundance.

In the collective consciousness right now we can see a stop start interference playing out on the world stage - one step forwards, two backwards in terms of freedom rights, heath and travel. This is because we need to each get out of non committal mentality ruled by the lower self ego at the personal level to shift things forwards in terms of political reform and so on. This means taking steps to align fully with our core truth as individuals and not look to the external "authorities" for leadership. Between now and 2030 there will be many stops and starts as initiated in 2020 until we get there - waves of souls one by one will change the paradigm on Earth as each steps into their sovereignty and recognises that we are more than just the sum of our parts.

Prayer for Forgiveness

May you be forgiven, may you be loved into wholeness and released from the shackles of purgatory and hell. The loving arms of the Divine Mother welcomes you home without judgement or fear. You are a child of the Cosmos and deserving of unconditional love.

If you feel drawn to the path of sovereignty then you can work with me one to one. Get in touch for a FREE exploratory call here.

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