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Healing Genetic Core Inheritance

In order to connect with the Earth, heal our autonomic nervous systems and embody our higher selves we must remove old patterns, imprints and programmings passed down genetically on both the maternal and paternal lineages. If you are an Earth Angel it is likely that you have been born into a particularly toxic family in order to heal very old genetics and start a collective new Tree of Life on the planet to restore Eden. In other words you are here with a mission to bring balance and harmony, remedying eons of trauma, abuse and inequality. This will be echoed in how people treat themselves and one another in society, how we relate to animals and the plant kingdom and also have a lasting positive impact on the climate, bringing it into a consistent temperate condition rather than the harsh changing of seasons. All of creation will thrive once again and dis-ease and conflict will be a thing of the past.

When I look into Genetic Core Inheritance in my clients I am always amazed at how a repetitive scenario playing out in their lives can have its roots in a condition such as arthritis or an addiction tendency such as sex or alcoholism that goes way back in the lineage. It will often make little sense to the logical mind why a fear of "x" would be linked to any of the aforementioned, but the complex process of healing is not something that can be understood or quantified at the cognitive level alone. In fact taking the spiralling journey to shed and heal at a soul level really helps to open the mind up and expand in consciousness well beyond the limits of modern science.

The field of Epigenetics is the closest one can get to understanding the nature of how traumas and experiences can be passed down in the family, even skipping generations. It takes a true faith and level of conscious awareness to break the cycles of chronic mental, emotional and physical health disorders alongside abuse tendencies in a lineage. Sadly many souls have chosen to remain locked into suffering, replying simply on the medical health industry created to keep humans in a state of codependent entrapment. The paradigm is now thankfully shifting and more souls are here to make beneficial change happen all thanks to the stage of evolution we are now in.

If you would like to work with me to heal Genetic Core Inheritance and more then you can get in touch here to discuss one to one work together.

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