Alkalising the Body

In these times it is vital to alkalise the body as much as possible as we ascend more into consciousness and the Light. Naturally we and all of creation were designed to be PH 8 and yet many are no where near this, hence the build up for uric acid and inflammation in the body, soil and plants. Nature was always intended to be herbivorous, the farming and killing of humans and animals is not of the Divine order. Fruits are the most alkalising of all and full of essential vitamins and minerals and fructose to provide energy (with the caveat of Rhubarb). Ideally we want to be eating the most juicy and solar powered fruits to reap the optimum benefits. Savoury wise, avocados, courgettes and cucumbers are go to fruits, whilst tomatoes, peppers and aubergines should be avoided as these are the nightshade family.

Aside from fruits, leafy green vegetables such as kale, broccoli and spinach are ideal for their iron and calcium content, alongside seaweeds such as Bladderwrack and Irish Sea Moss. Grain wise stick to Spelt, Rice, Corn (Polenta), Buckwheat and sudo seed grains such as Quinoa, Millet, Amaranth and Coix (Job's Tears), avoid oats, wheat and other derivatives. Nuts, seeds and legumes are all fine and carob instead of chocolate. Herbal, green teas and roasted dandelion root should replace coffee and distilled, reverse osmosis and alkalised water are best used over tap. Avoid alcohol, including in cosmetics and cleaning products.

Zinc content in the body is best kept high and I recommend a good whole food supplement for both women and men until we get the soil and climate better. Omega 3 should also be supplemented alongside a pre and probiotic. In addition the above, if you have cancer I recommend you research and take organic Germanium. If you are suffering or recovering from Covid then a high dose of vegetarian CoEnzyme Q10 is worth considering.

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