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Aligning with your Menstrual Cycle for Better Results at Work

Whether you are a solopreneur or working as part of a team, aligning with your menstrual cycle is the key to success and steady, organic business growth.

You may ask how so? Well, everything in the human experience is cyclical, as is all of nature. Growth is based on the seasons, not simply on linear time. By opening ourselves up to this as women, we hold the power to create lasting change in all areas of our lives.

For so long, the period has been suppressed, dreaded, camouflaged and disrespected. Women have chosen to fit into masculine standards in business to the neglect of the feminine. By this, I mean we have just kept on going day after day in a yang like fashion as if we don’t have a menstrual cycle that ebbs and flows.

My advice, from one who specialises in women’s health, is to start tapping into your own seasonal clock and taking advantage of this gift. By this I mean getting to know the rhythm of your cycle, connecting with all stages of it, especially ovulation.

Here are some tips for each phase of the menstrual cycle:

  • When you bleed, rest more, speak less and use this time to go into your intuition and allow ideas to gestate. Do not share too much at this stage with the outer world, keep your cards close to your chest.

  • As you move into the rest of the follicular phase your energy will naturally rise and as it does you can speak up more about new ideas, what you have been working on behind the scenes and start putting things into action.

  • At ovulation, your energy is at its peak, so you radiate the most outwards. This time is best used for presentations, launches and important meetings with prospects and clients.

  • During the second half of your cycle, energy levels gradually wane, so be conscious of this and use it as a time to nourish yourself, magnetise and receive new opportunities, rather than chasing them.

The more we work collectively to honour this cycle in our lives, the healthier society will become. There will naturally be more respect and integrity between men and women and an acknowledgment that it is our differences that make the greater whole.

To learn more about working with your cycle and other ways to embody the Healthy Feminine you can work with me one to one by reaching out for a FREE call here. As part of working together you will receive access to my 6 week Goddess Up Programme.


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