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One to One's

Initiating women to embody Sovereignty, improve health and fertility, prepare for Sacred Union and Conscious Conception

The Benefits

  • Improved diet and nutrition for optimal health.

  • Elimination of toxins from your body alongside toxic people and situations.

  • Improved functionality of your body including immunity, endocrine health and the lymphatic system for boosting fertility and wellbeing.

  • Reduced stress and anxiety with a higher quality of sleep.

  • Increased self-love, self-worth and healthy boundaries.

  • An understanding of the root causes of imbalances, addictions, unhealthy habits,  and dis-ease within your body, mind and spirit.

  • Balanced 5 elements in Chinese Medicine and the Yin | Yang alongside the Chakras, Nadis and Meridians.

  • Clearing traumas ancestrally and from the different timelines.

  • Inner Child and Early Years healing.

I have been searching for answers to find who I really am for a long time. After working ‘on myself’ for years moving from counselling to holistic therapies, you name it and I’ve probably tried it. The searching is exhausting. Working with Sarah has been a revelation.


I believe what Sarah has to offer is essential for all women to know. The online offerings are a great opportunity to access Sarah’s wisdom.


Sarah’s approach is heartfelt and authentic. She supports the journey to finding your true self through embodying practices from the physical to spiritual levels.  If you are feeling burnt out or like me, the one in the family that keeps everything together, then her courses are here to help you to bring balance into your life.


Yoga Class

What to expect 

ONE TO ONE intuitive sessions take place either over Zoom or remotely when it is necessary for me to run certain long dowsing protocols. Intuitive and practical guidance is provided on enhancing female reproductive health for fertility and sovereignty. I use my pendulums to guide me and facilitate healing by laying down new energetic and spiritual blueprints for my clients. Pendulum healing works with radiesthestia and bio-energetics, accessing the unseen subconscious to delve really deep into issues, blockages, traumas, old programmings as well as for maintenance work on all the systems and functions of the body including the physical and non physical components. 

Between sessions you will be given exercises to do and recommendations according to your personal needs.


Price upon application. Simply fill out this short online form and will then get back to you with a suggested programme of sessions / protocols for consideration and the investment for these, instalment options will be offered.


I worked with Sarah for 3 months every week and it was the most wonderful, centering experience. I learnt so much about myself during our time together. Sarah has led, taught and supported me in my journey of physical and mental well-being, healing past traumas and in my understanding of my spiritual journey.

Sarah always goes above and beyond in sending me suggestions of exercises to add to my personal toolkit, so that I can continue my healing independently.

Sarah has the most warm, beautiful, caring soul and I trust her implicitly. Thank you Sarah for your loving energy and for all the guidance and healing you have given me.


I have been working with Sarah know as “The Golden Goddess” for several months now. Sarah is a very gentle soul, yet a tremendously powerful, gifted individual.
With her natural gifts and gentle approach, as an intuitive healer she weaves her way through the blocks that are holding you back from being your best self.
Blocks that we all carry from the experience of this life and the many other lives that we have lived. I would highly recommend you to work with Sarah as she holds the wisdom that will guide you into connecting with that innate divine feminine goddess  energy within you.