One to One


Helping women to to optimise their health and gain Sovereignty. By honouring and embracing the Divine Feminine, deep Womb Wisdom and intuition can be accessed. 

In Our Element

When we are truly in our element we are whole

No longer hybridised or manmade but electric

Etheric body expands and in turn were touch the lives of many with the hand of Midas

The heart bursts with energy

The stars shine with clarity and communion and the gentle ebb and flow of lunar tides meet us and dance in joy alongside the vital sun

Our emotions are fully expressed and bliss becomes our good friend

The elements are nature, they are the goddess / god on earth

When we find and accept our true element we are joining forces with all that is to take our place as the creator / creatress (creatures) we were born as -

The Alchemist

The Wise One

The Free One

The Truth


Goddess Sessions

Bespoke packages for women looking to improve themselves on all levels for a happier and healthier life.

I have been searching for answers to find who I really am for a long time. After working ‘on myself’ for years moving from counselling to holistic therapies, you name it and I’ve probably tried it. The searching is exhausting. Working with Sarah has been a revelation.


I believe what Sarah has to offer is essential for all women to know. The online offerings are a great opportunity to access Sarah’s wisdom.


Sarah’s approach is heartfelt and authentic. She supports the journey to finding your true self through embodying practices from the physical to spiritual levels.  If you are feeling burnt out or like me, the one in the family that keeps everything together, then her courses are here to help you to bring balance into your life.


Image by Ava Sol

ONE TO ONE intuitive sessions take place either over video call and/or remotely when it is necessary for me to run certain long dowsing protocols. Together we dive deep to release hidden blocks and traumas, balance the chakras, auric layers, systems, functions and organs of the body, meridians, yin/yang, kundalini activation flow and more. Intuitive and practical guidance is provided on enhancing female reproductive health for fertility and sovereignty, this may include dietary and lifestyle adjustments, remedies and exercises to reclaim womb wisdom, strength and sexuality through the Taoist tradition of Jade Palace healing.

Some of the protocols that I run include: Inner Child Healing, Raising Self-Esteem, Trauma and Blockage Release and Fertility Status.

This work is ideal for you

if one or more of the following applies:

  • You suffer from a PHYSICAL complaint, aches, pains etc.

  • You are single and looking for a SACRED UNION partnership and to potentially consciously CONCEIVE. 

  • You feel IRRITATED quite often, sometimes for no apparent reason.

  • You find it hard to say NO to others and YES to yourself.

  • You need to always be in CONTROL of your life or feel others CONTROL you.

  • Somehow you never have enough TIME to look after yourself.

  • Your SEX life (including self-pleasuring) is either lacking, unfulfilling or you are addicted.

  • You have issues with WEIGHT, comfort eating, addictions, body image.

  • You depend on CAFFEINE in the morning and ALCOHOL in the evening for your daily fixes of feeling awake and then to destress.

  • You have a habit of starting something fulfilling for yourself or CREATIVE projects, but then loose momentum and give up easily.

  • You feel shame or GUILT around asking or letting others help you.

  • Have TOXIC people in your life who drain you and they seem to have some magical power over you e.g. family members, friends, co-workers.

  • You grew up with ABUSIVE, narcissistic care givers and / or were bullied at school.

  • Issues around TRUST and/or abandonment arise in your life.

  • You have HORMONAL imbalances, problems with periods, infertility etc.

  • You are ready to ask for and receive help with improving your life wherever you are at right now and understand that it CAN change from the moment you commit to that process.

  • You understand that you have the right to be in your full radiant FEMALE SOVEREIGNTY to leave a legacy on the planet for future generations, but aren't sure on the next steps to take.

  • You have been waiting to seriously invest in YOURSELF to up-level your life, become the best version of you, to receive the best and shine out in the world brightly!


I worked with Sarah for 3 months every week and it was the most wonderful, centering experience. I learnt so much about myself during our time together. Sarah has led, taught and supported me in my journey of physical and mental well-being, healing past traumas and in my understanding of my spiritual journey.

Sarah always goes above and beyond in sending me suggestions of exercises, articles to my personal toolkit so I can continue my personal healing independently.

Sarah has the most warm, beautiful, caring soul and I trust her implicitly. Thank you Sarah for your loving energy and for all the guidance and healing you have given me.



Price upon application. Simply fill out this short online form and will then get back to you with a suggested programme of sessions / protocols for consideration and the investment for these, instalment options will be offered.

What to expect 

All face to face sessions take place via video call (either Zoom or FaceTime). I use my pendulums to guide me and facilitate healing by laying down new energetic and spiritual blueprints for my clients. Pendulum healing works with radiesthestia and bio-energetics, accessing the unseen subconscious to delve really deep into issues, blockages, traumas, old programmings as well as for maintenance work on all the systems and functions of the body including the physical and non physical components - chakras, nadis, dan tiens, meridians, aura etc. Each pendulum that I work with resonates with a specific superconscious archetype and I select the most appropriate ones accordingly. 

Any protocol sessions that are run remotely do not require your presence in person, I perform these at the appropriate moment as guided and then send the findings via MP4 audio into your inbox. Any questions can be dealt with via email or phone.