Working with Sarah will up-level your Goddess life! So if you are ready to shake off those shackles, embrace your Female Sovereignty, live your dreams, grow in abundance, love and health then read on ...

In Our Element

When we are truly in our element we are whole

No longer hybridised or manmade but electric

Etheric body expands and in turn were touch the lives of many with the hand of Midas

The heart bursts with energy

The stars shine with clarity and communion and the gentle ebb and flow of lunar tides meet us and dance in joy alongside the vital sun

Our emotions are fully expressed and bliss becomes our good friend

The elements are nature, they are the goddess / god on earth

When we find and accept our true element we are joining forces with all that is to take our place as the creator / creatress (creatures) we were born as -

The Alchemist

The Wise One

The Free One

The Truth


Serious Inner Alchemy!

3 Months of One to One Goddess Sessions

12 x weekly ONE TO ONE 50 minute bespoke sessions over video call where we delve deep. Before your first session Sarah will do an astrological interpretation of natal chart using Vedic and Western techniques including information on lunar Nakshatra placement. She will send an MP4 file of her findings and then during the first session this will be discussed alongside some preliminary questioning. In future sessions Sarah will dowse to clear hidden blocks and traumas, balance the chakras, auric layers, systems, functions and organs of the body, meridians, yin/yang balance, kundalini activation and flow and more. She offers her intuitive guidance on enhancing your Female Sovereignty and Goddess power and will also suggest any remedials and practices to support you in-between sessions.


Mindset reprogramming alongside embodiment are key components of our work together along with reclaiming deep womb wisdom, strength and sexuality through the Taoist tradition of Jade Palace healing!

Please see my video on the homepage and more below on what to expect from this juicy time together exploring the depths of your feminine power! 


This work is ideal for you if one or more of the following applies to you:

* You suffer from a PHYSICAL complaint, aches, pains etc

* You feel EXHAUSTED from life and not sure how to get your mojo back

* You have always dreamed of doing something, but for some reason not fulfilled that

* You are single and looking for LOVE or a current relationship is a bit stagnant, 

disharmonious or not an ideal set up for you both

* You feel IRRITATED quite often, sometimes for no apparent reason

* You find it hard to say NO to others and YES to yourself

* You find it hard to just stop, relax, be still and reflect and like to "be in control" of your life

* Somehow you never have enough TIME to look after yourself

* You have issues with MONEY, including being underpaid or being co-dependant on a spouse, spending too much, or holding on to money for "safety" 

* Your SEX life (including self pleasuring) is either lacking, unfulfilling or you are addicted

* You have issues with WEIGHT, comfort eating, addictions, body image

* You depend on CAFFEINE in the morning and ALCOHOL in the evening for your daily fixes of feeling awake and then to destress

* You have a habit of starting something fulfilling for yourself or CREATIVE projects, but then loose momentum and give up easily 

* You live your life through your family and have lost who YOU are

* You feel insignificant and are often in the SHADOW of others somehow

* Others always seem to be doing things better than you and you aspire to them

* You feel shame or GUILT around asking or letting others help you

*Have TOXIC people in your life who drain you and they seem to have some magical power over you e.g. family members, friends, co-workers

* You grew up with ABUSIVE, narcissistic care givers and / or were bullied at school

* Issues around trust and/or abandonment arise in your life 

* You have HORMONAL imbalances, problems with periods, infertility etc

* Your job / business is not aligned with you anymore, but you don't know how to move on

* You suffer from ANXIETY, insomnia and are dependant on medications for these

* You are an over achiever - always doing and pushing yourself physically, mentally or otherwise to feel "good enough" or like you have "done enough"

* You want to clean up your S**T including parental and ANCESTRAL wounds and free yourself from the shackles of your past!

*You are ready to ask for and receive help with improving your life wherever you are at right now and understand that it CAN change from the moment you commit to that process

* You understand that you have the right to be in your full radiant FEMALE SOVEREIGNTY to leave a legacy on the planet for future generations, but aren't sure on the next steps to take

* You believe in the NEW EARTH and that it is time to leave old patriarchal paradigms behind and find equality between men, women, children, animals and all that is!

*You have been waiting to seriously invest in YOURSELF to up-level your life, become the best version of you, to receive the best and shine out in the world brightly!


Copy of Vegan Recipes to Enhance your Yoga Life 

Bag of Chakra Tea Flora or Flame to enjoy on your Goddess journey

Unlimited Email support between sessions

£999 (upfront)

£550 x 2 (6 week instalment plan) 



I worked with Sarah for 3 months every week and it was the most wonderful, centering experience. I learnt so much about myself during our time together. Sarah has led, taught and supported me in my journey of physical and mental well-being, healing past traumas and in my understanding of my spiritual journey.

Sarah always goes above and beyond in sending me suggestions of exercises, articles to my personal toolkit so I can continue my personal healing independently.

Sarah has the most warm, beautiful, caring soul and I trust her implicitly. Thank you Sarah for your loving energy and for all the guidance and healing you have given me.


What to expect with

One to One Online Sessions

All online sessions take place via video call (either Zoom or FaceTime) and Sarah works intuitively each week as you update her on where you will journey to next. She uses pendulum healing primarily as a tool to help you alongside her insight and wisdom from her own life experiences. Pendulum healing works with radiesthestia and bio-energetics, accessing the unseen subconscious to delve really deep into issues, blockages, traumas, old programmings as well as for maintenance work on all the systems and functions of the body including the physical and non physical components - chakras, nadis, dan tiens, meridians, aura etc. She can also answer any pressing questions you may have that come up week to week using my Queen Bee Oracle Pendulum.

Sarah will suggest any remedials or exercises that come up as useful for you consider working with as part of the embodiment practice e.g. a change to your diet, herbs, aromatherapy or journalling, dream work, self practice, nurturing, massage, movement.