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Healings & Readings

Sarah works with a variety of tools that she has studied and applied over the years for her own healing and soul growth. She has been helping people since 2012 using various energy medicine techniques, chakra healing, Future Life Progression and more recently Vedic astrology, tarot, oracle cards and dowsing (pendulum healing). Her work is powerful and with commitment from her clients positive shifts in consciousness and soul evolution can be attained.

Recorded Packages 

These packages are ideal as either stand alone offerings or as foundational and preparatory work for deeper soul clearing sessions with Sarah. If in doubt as to what you might need for your highest and best, then please do contact Sarah directly via the contact form and she will do a free of charge preliminary check and send you her findings.

Tarot / Oracle Reading 

Send Sarah up to 3 questions and receive a 20 minute recorded MP4 reading using Tarot and Chakra Oracle cards along with the Queen Bee Oracle pendulum.


Tarot and Chakra Analysis 

A year ahead forecast and chakra diagnosis using oracle cards and pendulum dowsing. You may also submit 1 question for answering. A recorded service sent to your inbox on MP4 file. Includes a prescribed Chakra Aroma Roller and UK postage costs (postage costs for international customers will incur extra fees)


Healing the Dragon Astrological Reading, Birth Card Spread and Numerology Analysis

A brief study of your natal chart and main Nakshatras (lunar mansions) followed by an in depth look at your path of consciousness via the North and South Nodal axis in your chart  (Head and Tail of the Dragon).  Your birth card spread is also looked at via the Cards of Truth System designed and taught by renowned Vedic Astrologer Ernst Wilhelm. Finally a numerology reading is given based on the Chaldean system. A recorded service sent to your inbox on MP4 file. Includes a small Chakra Tea of your choice and UK postage costs (postage costs for international customers will incur extra fees).



Tarot and Chakra Analysis, Healing the Dragon, Birth Card and Numerology Reading

Options 2 and 3 combined (approx 2.5 hours of recorded content) includes a small Chakra Tea of your choice ​and Prescribed Chakra Aroma Roller and UK postage costs (postage costs for international customers will incur extra fees).


Distance Pendulum Healing

Sarah works with a variety of high quality Baj Pendulums in her practice. These work with the subtle realms, radiesthesia and bioenergetics (please see disclaimer at the bottom of this page). All sessions are remote (teleradiesthetic) and last between 30 mins -1.5 hours after which a recording of the findings and corrections will be sent to your inbox on MP4 file. Please note that each session works to align you bioenergetically at that given moment and will take time to process (you will be guided on timeframes by Sarah). Further sessions may be necessary if felt beneficial.

Aura, Chakra, Skeletal, Organ, Glandular, Nadi and Meridian System Healing

A session focussing on harmonising the main parts of the subtle and physical anatomies including radiesthetic colour healing. Can be applied to children and pets too. 

45 mins £45

Remedial Diagnostics

A session focussing on what remedials may be highest and best for you at the current time using dowsing charts such as vitamins and minerals, Bach flower remedies, homeopathic tissue salts, herbals etc. Note that this does not substitute consulting with a Naturopath, Homeopath, Herbalist etc, but is an alternative diagnostic method that you could then have verified by such a specialist should you wish. 

30 mins £30

Restoring The Flow of Love within You

This protocol aims to increase the flows of love and self-love, which can withdraw after traumatic situations in life (known and unknown to the conscious mind). Particularly advisable if there has been a lack or disturbance of maternal / paternal love and bonding from conception onwards.

1 Hour £60

Releasing Traumas and Blockages 

With this protocol we work to release and clear accumulated traumas and blockages from this and previous lifetimes. Note that only the most important for that given time will be addressed within one session as there are usually many! Can be beneficial for children too.

1.5 hours £100

Dowsing out the Matrix from Within You

The false imprint of the so called Matrix over natural life on earth can adversely affect one's progress here as a soul. This protocol aims to dowse this out of us.


1.5 hours £100

Healing the Inner Child

The Inner Child connects us to  joy and creativity and can often be wounded and disconnected. This session aims to clear disturbances and reintegrate this aspect of the self. It will be examined as a sub personality of the psyche, reflection of the subconscious mind and also as a part of our true essence and vital connection to the divine.

1.5 hours £100

Dowsing in Healthy Self-Esteem 

Self-Esteem is essential for a happy and healthy life and many people have low levels even if they perceive it as high. Here we dig deep to find the roots of low self-esteem and clear and heal these bioenergetically. 

​1.5 hours £100

Healing the Gates of the Inner Temple

There a many "gates" to the inner temple, here we work with the main 8, going into an in-depth analysis of each and clearing and healing noxious effects that can amongst others be left by ancestors, memories and traumatic events. 

1.5 hours £100

Healing the Pain Body

This protocol works to radiesthetically clear the historical dense pain body that is no longer relevant to carry, in a bid to aid with the ascension process on Earth. If one is suffering from physical or emotional trauma etc it is NOT a substitute for healing and processing these via other therapeutic channels, but it can go hand in hand with these treatments e.g. counselling, EFT. An excellent protocol to apply to pets also, who often carry a projected pain body from owners and their surroundings.

1.5 hours £100 

Collapsing Timelines

Here we consider the idea that at any given moment we are creating multiple options and outcomes for ourselves. Sometimes people timeline jump without realising or can still be energetically caught up in unhealthy timelines. Remedying of this radiesthetically and energetically can prove beneficial. 

1.5 hours £100 

Dowsing out Subtle Attacks

There is a debate around this topic as many feel very real symptoms of psychic attack and yet so many never do. Here we use a protocol to assess whether attacks are real or due to false programming and look to clear and support the pineal gland. 

1.5 hours £100 

Space and Land Clearing

Includes clearing of telluric lines, grids and vortices, past karmas, spirit, attachment and elemental release, alongside object clearances where necessary. This can be useful in conjunction with personal work and as part of family healing.

Land and space clearing is a great way to support the earth, all living organisms and future generations as it lifts darkness, traumas and blockages that have accumulated often over many lifetimes. 

It is also helpful when selling properties, running businesses (e.g. office spaces) and can be beneficial to physical, mental and spiritual health. Price upon discussion, please email Sarah with your enquiry.

Ancestral Healing 

Honouring our ancestors both dead and alive is a vital practice for healing ourselves and our past and future lineages. Hindus often conduct the ritual of Tarpanam offering sacred grass, sesame seeds, water and money to their ancestors. This session works on clearing soul contracts between family members and offers healing via a special Siddhi pendulum to up to 24 generations back. 

1.5 hours £100

Trauma Spot Clearing and Healing

This will clear any trauma in the land and space where someone has received upsetting and shocking news such as that of a death or accident. It is also useful in places and spaces where loved ones have departed such a domestic settings, bedrooms or at the scene of an accident. Sarah can also work to clear any trauma that departed souls may have taken with them at the point of death (relating to the nature of their departure specifically). 

30 mins £30 

In person sessions

I visit people's homes in the UK within a 25 mile radius of Oxford for 2 hour in person healing and guidance sessions. I work intuitively with each person as to what we will do in each session. Often they involve a combination of talking, hands on healing, application of tuning forks, pendulum work and oracle card reading. I am also a certified Future Life Progression practitioner and use this theta state therapy on occasion to help people gain clarity on their best possible life path by accessing the dream state and subconscious mind.

These can be stand alone or an additional support to any of the offerings above. For instance someone taking Option 3 of the recorded packages may require additional support over some months to help them integrate and work towards their soul's calling. It very much depends on the individuals needs and commitment to deep healing work.


What People Say

I really got a lot out of sessions with Sarah and would highly recommend her to anyone. I was able to see a clear improvement in my chakra flow at the end of the sessions compared to the start. It was amazing! She has a real gift and such a great person too.


I knew for a long time that something wasn't working in my body. My yoga teacher recommended to have a healing session with Sarah. The results were impressive. Love & blessings to this gifted healer.


Your reading was really good and just what I needed. Everything made sense and was relevant to me.



Please note that the techniques and tools Sarah works with are not intended to substitute proper medical care whenever someone suffers any physical, emotional or mental condition. Diagnosed medical conditions must be declared before Sarah will work with a client in both distance and in person healing sessions and she has the right to refuse to undertake readings and healings should she feel it inappropriate. These techniques are purely energetic and work with the subtle realms, therefore cannot be scientifically quantified and therefore remain within the world of "fiction" and "entertainment" currently. It is the sole responsibility of the client whether they engage in the services offered. 

Sarah is fully insured to practice energy healing, reiki, future life progression, past life regression, dowsing (pendulum healing), tarot, astrology, sound healing and crystal healing.