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Goddess Up

An online programme for women to improve their health through womb alchemy, vegan eating, embodiment practices and mindset reprogramming.

The offering

This offering has been lovingly created to help women be the change that is necessary in order to nurture the future generations. It opens up the portal to the divine feminine through womb wisdom and the heart space, enabling beauty to radiate from the inside. I have had so many of my one to one clients say that they have tried self-help books, meditationtherapy, yoga, acupuncture, reflexology, reiki, chiropractic work - you name it and nothing actually created a lasting and profound change within them and their lives until they worked with me. So I decided to create this affordable programme, which encompasses 10 years worth of insight and the best of all I have experienced and embodied myself as a healer and 40 year old woman.

What you get

  • The Empowering 6 Week Goddess Up Online Programme.

  • BONUS 1 Future Life Progression Journey to Quantum Leap into your Goddess Self.

  • BONUS 2 An Introduction to 5 Element Healing

  • BONUS 3 Menstrual Cycle and Pre Conception Meditation Bundle

The benefits

  • An embodiment of the chakra system and an understanding of its vital role in your health and wellbeing as a woman.

  • A selection of simple recipes and nutritional information on plant-based eating for your chakras and female health.

  • A biological understanding of the menstrual cycle and how it connects to the moon and the feminine archetypes.

  • How to work with the ebb and flow of the cycle for optimal health and hormone balance.

  • A recognition and integration of the Feminine (yin) essence for a more harmonious way of being and flowing with, rather than against life.

  • The ability to release numbness and negative imprints from within your vaginal or yoni space, increasing connection and pleasure potential.

  • A more balanced autonomic nervous system and therefore the ability to manage stress more affectively.

  • Female lineage, ancestral, personal and collective healing.

  • A closer and healthier connection to your heart and womb space.

  • A healthier and more abundant mindset, enabling you to make positive shifts in your world. 

This is for you if

  • You are disconnected from your reproductive system including symptoms such as PMS, inability to orgasm and infertility.

  • You are seeking a deeper and more intimate connection with yourself and others.

  • You need to heal old wounds, traumas and imprints.

  • You are looking to improve your nutrition and diet and remove toxins from your body.

  • You feel misaligned with your soul purpose.

  • You want to understand your subtle anatomy better but don't know where to start.

  • You are seeking to improve your overall health and wellbeing alongside boosting your finances and abundance in general.

  • You wish to start reprogramming your mindset for a happier existence.

  • You want to become the most empowered and best version of yourself.

  • You see the value in creating a new healthier and more balanced paradigm for the future generations

Having had absent periods, I wanted to learn more about my moon cycle. I didn’t understand how my body really works and I was struck by how disconnected I was from my womb space. Sarah's programme supports a journey into a deep level of understanding of the female body and how to embrace our periods. This course allows us to surrender to our femininity to gain greater insight into our bodies by taking the time daily to tune into how we are feeling.

If you are at a point in your life where you feel like you need a break, you may be like me feeling burnt out, needing some boundaries, and how to bring balance into your life, then this is the course for you.


Goddess Up offers the opportunity to really get to know yourself as a woman at much deeper levels. I can highly recommend it for anyone seeking more knowledge and wisdom around their health and wellbeing.



Sarah has the most warm, beautiful, caring soul and I trust her implicitly. Thank you Sarah for your loving energy and for all the guidance and healing you have given me.


 Regardless of the subject, Sarah always has evolved and intelligent ideas, knowledge and wisdom to offer and she is not one to do things by halves! If you are wondering whether or not to get in touch with her for advice or healing work I would highly recommend doing so. 



The investment is £165 upfront or 2 x £90 instalments, one upon purchase and the remaining balance half way through the programme. To get the most out of the offering, the other investment that I recommend you make is a yoni wand made of borosilicate glass or a crystal of your choice. This will be used for the yoni massaging and journeying in week 5. They are widely available online and come in many shapes and sizes! I would personally recommend a curved G-spot wand. 


There is also an option to upgrade your package to receive remote healing sessions from me twice a month, if you are interested in this then drop me an email. 

Goddess up

6 Week Online Programme

Week 1 The Chakras - An in depth exploration and self assessment of your energy centres. This is essential foundational work for journeying into wholeness.


Week 2 Vegan Eating - Nutritional Information and a selection of healthy and delicious recipes taken from my organic, vegan and gluten-free cookbook for you to explore.

Week 3 The Menstrual Cycle - A look at the biology and holistic approaches to improving the quality of your cycle and address hormonal imbalances.

Week 4 Divine Feminine - A step by step guide to reprogram your mindset and embody more of your feminine (yin) essence.

Week 5 Womb Alchemy - A deep dive into your yoni to begin the de-armouring process through trauma release massage and bridging this to your heart centre.

Week 6 Tap Your Way to Success - A week of tapping (EFT) to continue with sovereignty mindset reprogramming down to a cellular level.

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