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Goddess Up

The signature Golden Goddess Group Programme for
Women under 40 to Embody their Power, so that they can
Thrive and Rise in their Sovereignty

The Offering

This offering has been lovingly created to help women be the change that is necessary in order to nurture the future generations. It opens up the portal to the divine feminine through womb wisdom and the heart space, enabling beauty to radiate from the inside. I have had so many of my one to one clients say that they have tried self-help books, meditationtherapy, yoga, acupuncture, reflexology, reiki, chiropractic work - you name it and nothing actually created a lasting and profound change within them and their lives until they worked with me. So I decided to create this affordable programme, which encompasses 10 years worth of insight and the best of all I have experienced and embodied myself as a healer and 39 year old woman.

What you get

  • Weekly group accountability, Q&A and healing sessions over Zoom, (45 mins) including chakra, 5 element and auric layer balancing  

  • Exclusive access to the Golden Goddess community

  • Monthly competitions to keep things fun

  • BONUS 1 The 6 Week "Goddess Up" Kick Start Programme 

  • BONUS 2 Future Life Progression Journey to help you Quantum Leap into your Goddess Self

  • BONUS 3 Organic Chakra Tea intuitively hand blended with love (UK residents only due to postal charges) 

How it works

You begin working with me by taking the 6 Week "Goddess Up" Kick Start Programme. Once you have completed this, you can join the weekly group accountability, Q&A and healing sessions to support your ongoing journey. At this stage you will also receive access to the online membership community, the Future Life Progression Journey, optional monthly competition entrance and some delicious organic Chakra Tea.

The weekly group healing sessions take place over Zoom on

Monday's at 7pm GMT for UK and European members and

7am EST for USA members


"Sarah has brought me a time of intense enlightenment and healing on many levels. She has worked on me ‘remotely’ with her pendulums for chakra healing and general alignment. In all ways, her skills are proving deeply beneficial".


"Having had absent periods, I wanted to learn more about my moon cycle. I didn’t understand how my body really works and I was struck by how disconnected I was from my womb space. Sarah's programme supports a journey into a deep level of understanding of the female body and how to embrace our periods. This course allows us to surrender to our femininity to gain greater insight into our bodies by taking the time daily to tune into how we are feeling".


This is for you if

You are a woman under 40 looking for affordable support that actually creates powerful change in your world. Perhaps you feel devalued, unloved and empty on the inside. You want to move away from toxic relationship dynamics either personally and or in the workplace. You possibly suffer from stress, anxietysleep disturbance, PMS or digestive issues. You know there is more to your life than the current status quo and you are ready to commit to being the change you seek, both for yourself and the future generations.


The first month is absolutely FREE because I want you to enjoy immersing yourself in the 6 week "Goddess Up" Kick Start Programme. Following that you pay just £125 per month for 3 months. I ask that you commit to this minimum time period to benefit the most from the healing sessions and community support. After this initial period, you are welcome to leave or remain in the programme for as long as you like on a month by month rolling basis.

The other investment I recommend that you make in advance of week 5 of the programme is a yoni wand made of borosilicate glass or a crystal of your choice. This will be used for the yoni massaging and journeying.

Goddess up

6 Week Kick Start Programme

Week 1 The Chakras - An in depth exploration and self assessment of your energy centres. This is essential foundational work for journeying into wholeness.


Week 2 Vegan Eating - A selection of healthy and delicious recipes taken from my organic, vegan and gluten-free cookbook for you to explore.

Week 3 The Menstrual Cycle - A look at the biology and holistic approaches to improving the quality of your cycle and address hormonal imbalances.

Week 4 Divine Feminine - A step by step guide to reprogram your mindset and embody more of your feminine (yin) essence.

Week 5 Womb Alchemy - A deep dive into your yoni to begin the de-armouring process through trauma release massage and bridging this to your heart centre.

Week 6 Tap Your Way to Success - A week of tapping (EFT) to continue with sovereignty mindset reprogramming down to a cellular level.

What you will gain

  • A comprehensive understanding of the Chakra system and its vital role in your health and wellbeing as a woman.

  • The benefits of plant-based eating for health and energy levels.

  • A biological understanding of the menstrual cycle and how it connects to the moon and the feminine archetypes.

  • How to work with the ebb and flow of the cycle for optimal health and hormone balance.

  • A recognition and integration of the Feminine (yin) essence for a more harmonious way of being and flowing with life rather than against it.

  • The ability to release numbness and trauma from within your yoni, which can result in increased pleasure during orgasm.

  • A more balanced autonomic nervous system and therefore the ability to manage stress more affectively.

  • Female lineage, ancestral, personal and collective healing.

  • A closer and healthier connection to your heart and womb space.

  • A community of likeminded women to share your sovereignty journey with.