Pink Petals


Sarah Wilkinson is an intuitive healer, astrologer, author and creatrix. Since 2012 she has specialised in helping women to reclaim the goddess in all her forms via inner alchemy, plant based detox & womb wisdom practices. Her organic & cruelty free SWILK product line complements her healing work.

Over the past decade Sarah has been both journeying deeper into herself to clear out past traumas, blockages, ancestral karmas to boost her physical, sexual, mental and emotional health, whilst helping others to do the same using a variety of techniques and tools including Future Life Progression, Past Life Regression, Energy Medicine and Psychology, Astrology, Crystals, Tarot, Yoga, Tantra, Sound, Shamanic practice, Bodywork, Qigong, Taoist female practice and Dowsing.

Sarah grew up with narcissistic parents (one overt, one covert) who were in a dysfunctional codependent love addict/love avoidant relationship. She was an only child who took 10 years to conceive, so the pressure was on to perform and be the "perfect good little girl" from day one. Sarah took on the mediator role between her parents and became her mother's confident, healer and emotional husband surrogate. By her teenage years she was chronically shy of the opposite sex and bullied at school. She had a 4 week non stop heavy and painful bleed as her second period at age 12 and as a result was put on the contraceptive pill and strong painkillers long term. A few years later she suffered a mental / spiritual crisis and was put on an exclusion diet and drugged heavily because no one understood what was going on (therapy wasn't even an option then it seems, thank goodness today teenage struggles with mental health is starting at least to be recognised). 

So in a nutshell she felt very isolated and misunderstood - a lost soul. Other s*it went down, but you get the gist of it! 


The combination of a sheltered childhood, catholic girl's school and a suppression of her innate sensuality and sexuality from a young age caused problems in relationships, self-value and making the impact in the world that she was destined to. The emotional and psychological abuse from the parental enmeshment took until her 30s to really own and defeat. Now she can help others to do the same and rediscover and own the truth of who they really are and not what has been projected onto them or inherited in the subconscious mind. Clearing out old toxins from the physical, emotional, mental and subtle bodies is her passion and reclaiming the Goddess in all her wild, passionate  and uninhibited forms.

As an HSP she is naturally intuitive and has an understanding of the human psyche and a strong faith. Sarah understands the battles between the ego and the higher self all too well and how it feels to crack wide open and truly feel vulnerable and reconnect to a sense of authenticity after years of oppression in the society we have grown accustomed to in the West. Women must now go deep within their hearts and wombs to retrieve the power that our ancestors had taken away, layer upon layer this can and will be done! 


Prior to working professionally as a healer, Sarah spent her early career in museums, galleries and art school. She holds a BA Hons from Reading University in Classical Studies and History of Art and an MA in History of Art from the Courtauld Institute, London. She has worked in change management in various organisations including Oxford University and Steiner - Waldorf education. 

Sarah is fully insured to practice her healing work.