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Learn to become whole within the self and
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To check if your Ascendant / Rising Sign is one of those I believe to be associated with former Twin Flames now Tao Partnerships mentioned in my video above, please go to Astrodienst. Create a login then add your birth data (you need an accurate time to get your rising sign). After you have your details saved go to the "extended chart selection" option on their menu, select your name, then choose natal chart wheel, web default for chart selection, leave the current date in place. Opt for sidereal, whole house, Hindu/Lahiri, Geocentric and click show chart. Here is an example of a Leo Rising (me!)











Those with Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn ascendants in this incarnation are not destined to be united with a twin flame. Your mission is still to bring Heaven to Earth just in a different way. I am offering the free monthly YouTube Astro forecasts and healings for you too, just not the one to one work as I have been guided that my current mission is to primarily focus on helping the Tao Partnerships.  

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In our Element

When we are truly in our element we are whole

No longer hybridised or manmade but electric

Etheric body expands and in turn were touch the lives of many with the hand of Midas

The heart bursts with energy

The stars shine with clarity and communion and the gentle ebb and flow of lunar tides meet us and dance in joy alongside the vital sun

Our emotions are fully expressed and bliss becomes our good friend

The elements are nature, they are the goddess / god on earth

When we find and accept our true element we are joining forces with all that is to take our place as the creator / creatress (creatures) we were born as -

The Alchemist

The Wise One

The Free One

The Truth


what is the Tao

To me committing to the path of the Tao is living in the Universal flow of all that is. This is in a natural space of expectancy, pregnancy, creation - life.

One without intellectual reasoning or understanding.







Why work with Sarah


Your natal chart holds the keys and answers within it. A blueprint that can be understood and remedied where necessary. We are all stars and the planetary energies are within us in our chakra systems. By combining the best insights from eastern and western astrology, Sarah is able to help an individual or couple understand how they relate to one another.


Sarah is able to sense and see clearly what is required to bring a person back into their optimal divine selves and out of the false ego state.

Chakra Guidance

The energy centres on the body that extend in spiralling vortices out into the auric field. When we clear and align these centres within then the world around us improves radically. Cleaning up oneself is the single most important thing to be done at this critical time on earth.

Intuitive Healing

Sarah has worked consciously as an intuitive healer since 2011, but has always been playing this role throughout her life. She has many tools at her disposal and will work organically with whatever is best for an individual or couple. 


SWILK products are made in small batches using planetary magic, crystals and pure organic ingredients. They work on a prescriptive basis according to individual needs. 


Vegan Recipes to Enhance your Yoga Life : Food to Balance and Invigorate your Chakras, CICO Books, 2020 


psychic reading

As an introduction to how Sarah works why not try a psychic reading. 

Simply email Sarah 3 questions and receive a 20 minute MP4 recording into your inbox.


healing services

Sarah offers dedicated loving guidance and support to individuals or couples over a 3 - 6 month period 

Once under Sarah's guidance, there is also the opportunity to join a membership platform on Zoom where you can share and meet others on the same Tao path twice a month.  


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