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Notice the thermal imaging camera shots show the stars / constellations at night within our planet :)

Sarah Wilkinson is a prophetess, healer, astrologer, creatrix and author of the biodynamic, vegan, gluten and sugar-free cookbook

Vegan Recipes To Enhance Your Yoga Life,

CICO Books, 2020.

"If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is: Infinite"

William Blake

In the new earth that we find ourselves ever increasingly in now (otherwise known as the Age of Aquarius) all of the old ways are being flipped. All that exists in our Universe is Earth, that's all that ever existed. All of our solar system is within our planet and our human or animal bodies (the chakras), the known constellations and the milky way too - anything that you can see with the naked eye and telescopes is present within our Earth and our own bodies.


One important factor is that Mars is no longer relevant in our Solar System.

"Martians" were spirits who decided to use primarily their ego rather than keep faith in God from pre Dinosaur era (see video to the left). As a result they are now being cast back down into the soil for regeneration up the cycles again to be loved back to a true form of life. This includes all poisonous plants, armoured insects, animals and humans. You'll know who and what I am talking about!!! ;) also includes their un-natural creations such as religion, un-natural sciences, new age philosophy, war, law, monarchy, politics, crime, banking, industrialisation, education systems, dis-ease (mental confusion - brain washing people into thinking they were ill), alcohol, drugs, acid and sugar (and other hybrid plants with starches in).

Natural extinct species are now starting to return who were taken out by the "Martians" either by ancient skeletons being unearthed or by reincarnation.

The Second Coming is now, which simply means a new rising of a united consciousness of love and peace. The Sun is once again resuming power in the womb of Gaia. We are entering the Venus and Jupiter Age of rapid expansion of consciounsess. 

As new asteroids and stars are discovered "out there" really all that is happening is that we are birthing in new minerals and chemical compounds, plants, children etc. In other words the planet Earth is evolving as too are we in return. This is why some people call the children of today "Star Seeds" - because they are! But the stars "out there" are simply a projected illusion of the symptomatic detachment we have had since the first "Fall" from our planet when it was forgotten collectively that Earth is God - Mother Nature - Gaia = MUM. She is all we need to commune with in order to feel whole again as a baby would suck at the breast, so must we once again through tending to the soil, growing our own plants biodynamically = intuitively with the "moon cycles" = the pineal gland within us all and the planet itself.


You are a descendant of Gaia and she loves you - simple as that.

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Much Love - any questions including free healing and diagnostics, just write to me below!

Sarah x

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What People Say



I have seen Sarah in my home for a number of sessions over the past 6 months and have found her work with me invaluable in supporting my physical and spiritual health. Energy and chakra work in the sessions themselves has been caring, supportive, thorough and fun, and Sarah has followed it up with a host of useful pointers including exercises, articles, videos, links to other therapists, nutritional recommendations etc. I would recommend working with Sarah to anyone struggling with physical challenges, or anyone wishing to tread the path the helps them be their 'best self'. She has been a true blessing.


Sarah helped me when I was very stressed and unsettled due to moving house and not integrating very well with the other animals who already lived there. She gave my owner useful insights about a foot injury that occurred around this time. Sarah's healing helped to soothe my anxiety and settle me better into my new environment. She also helped to balance my chakras and auric layers. Sarah has a lovely energy and is gently intuitive, providing useful insights. My owner and I wouldn't hesitate to 

recommend her services.


I was looking for help on how to find the strength to get on with my life after breast cancer and all the harsh treatments that I had to have. Sarah is a true blessing, always exceptional! Her kindness, sincere caring, and healing made everything better. She is one of the reasons that I am doing very well now. She helps a lot with all my issues that get in the way of my self-expression, self-acceptance and self-love. How to face whatever is in front of me... Words cannot describe how grateful I am. Thank you for taking such good care of me.