Golden Goddess

Journey with Sarah into the Heart of Female

Sovereignty via Inner Alchemy and Womb Wisdom


I am very pleased to see you here. As a Womb Witch, I am passionate about guiding women into their innate and often forgotten powers. This is so important right now at this stage of our evolution on the planet. We as women hold the keys to accessing and embodying Heaven on Earth. We have the vessel to bring in beautiful children and nurture them, so that they don't forget their divinity as so many of us have. A clean and clear reproductive system (Yoni or Jade Palace) is essential for the True Earth to be accessed. It is our birthright. By doing this integral inner work, we are honouring our female ancestors and creating a safer and more beautiful dwelling place for the future generations, providing healthier DNA coding and imprints. Our creative potential as women is infinite - it should not and cannot be contained by false patriarchal structures. The time has come to reclaim our Goddess power in all her beautiful archetypal forms.

Returning to the Whole

To me committing to the path of wholeness or the Tao is living in the Universal flow of all that is.

This is in a natural space of expectancy, pregnancy, creation - life.

One without intellectual reasoning or understanding.







Why work with Sarah


Your natal chart holds the keys and answers within it. A blueprint that can be understood and remedied where necessary. We are all stars and the planetary energies are within us in our chakra systems. By combining the best insights from eastern and western astrology, Sarah is able to intuitively help women better integrate their inner dragon, represented by the north and south nodes of the moon.

Chakra, Kundalini & Tao Work

The Chakras are energy centres on the body that extend in spiralling vortices out into the auric field. When we clear and align these centres within then the world around us improves radically. Cleaning up oneself is the single most important thing to be done at this critical time on earth.


The Taoist system of Chinese Medicine works with the Yang/Yang balance, the Shen, Qi (Chi) and Jing and Meridians along with the 5 elements. By combining work on both the Yogic and Taoist systems all bases are covered. Qigong and energy medicine exercises are suggested by Sarah when necessary to help with Jade Palace Healing.

Womb Work

Sarah helps women to better connect with their reproductive systems on all levels from the physical to spiritual. This can aid with improving ovulation, cycle regularity, fertility and issues around intimacy and female sexuality.  

Intuitive Guidance & Healing

Sarah has worked consciously as an intuitive healer since 2011, but has always been playing this role throughout her life. She has many tools at her disposal and will work organically with whatever is best for the individual. Sarah is able to sense and see clearly what is required to bring a person back into their optimal divine selves and out of the false ego state.

Often the main focusses needing to be addressed are ancestral healing, trauma and subconscious programme release, pineal gland activation and clearing the ground for re-birthing to enable inner alchemy and connection to womb wisdom.

SWILK products are made in small batches using planetary magic, crystals and pure organic ingredients. They work on a prescriptive basis according to individual needs. 



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