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Sarah Wilkinson

Hello and welcome to my website! I am here to be your guide on the next steps of your journey into wholeness. Over the past decade I have been both journeying deeper into myself to clear out past traumas, blockages, ancestral karmas and boost my physical health, whilst helping others to do the same using a variety of techniques and tools such as Future Life Progression, Past Life Regression, Energy Medicine, Astrology, Tarot and Dowsing. As an HSP I am naturally intuitive and have an understanding of the human psyche and a strong faith. I understand the battles between the ego and the higher self all too well and how it feels to crack wide open and truly feel vulnerable and reconnect to a sense of authenticity after years of oppression in the society we have grown accustomed to in the West.

I believe many on the planet are now being called to ascend to the next level very quickly, reconnecting to their divine selves and harnessing this into the human vessel in a balanced and grounded way. This will mean a continual and at times radical collapse of the old structures and ways of conducting our lives on Earth. We are here to bring peace, harmony and truth to counteract the past era of destruction and toxicity that is now dying out finally. If you sense that things are changing both internally and externally for you, but you are not sure on where to go from here then why not consider working with me for 3 or 6 months over video call weekly. I can also see that many "Twin Flames" are ready to unite in wholeness to see what your Rising Sign is sign is and whether this applies to you do take a look at my webpage on the Sidereal Zodiac.

The path to wholeness requires some releasing of what no longer serves us, be that certain foods, people, jobs or locations that are holding us back physically, mentally, psychically and emotionally from being our happiest and most vibrant on the planet. As a starting point you may wish to take a listen to my Trauma Release Meditation on YouTube. Whilst working with me, I advise considering cutting down or removing alcohol, meat and dairy products from your diet as these cause so much toxicity in the endocrine (chakras), adrenal and lymphatic systems, resulting in all sorts of issues from low immunity to stress, insomnia and other mental health issues such as anxiety. They can in turn prevent true deep soul release work. I would advise increasing more life giving fruits and vegetables and to help with this, as part of my service offerings, my book Vegan Recipes to Enhance your Yoga Life, is included as a gift alongside one of my organic, herbal Chakra Teas

I look forward to connecting with you! Do feel free to contact me below.


Much Love, Sarah 

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the path into wholeness

To me committing to the path of wholeness or the Tao is living in the Universal flow of all that is.

This is in a natural space of expectancy, pregnancy, creation - life.

One without intellectual reasoning or understanding.







Why work with Sarah


Your natal chart holds the keys and answers within it. A blueprint that can be understood and remedied where necessary. We are all stars and the planetary energies are within us in our chakra systems. By combining the best insights from eastern and western astrology, Sarah is able to help an individual or couple understand how they relate to one another.

Chakra, Kundalini and Tao Work

The Chakras are energy centres on the body that extend in spiralling vortices out into the auric field. When we clear and align these centres within then the world around us improves radically. Cleaning up oneself is the single most important thing to be done at this critical time on earth. The Taoist system of Chinese Medicine works with the Yang/Yang balance, the Shen, Qi (Chi) and Jing and Meridians along with the 5 elements. By combining work on both the Vedic and Taoist systems all bases are covered. 


SWILK products are made in small batches using planetary magic, crystals and pure organic ingredients. They work on a prescriptive basis according to individual needs. 


Sarah is able to sense and see clearly what is required to bring a person back into their optimal divine selves and out of the false ego state.

Intuitive Healing

Sarah has worked consciously as an intuitive healer since 2011, but has always been playing this role throughout her life. She has many tools at her disposal and will work organically with whatever is best for an individual or couple. 

As well as the spiritual, energetic focus of the Vedic and Taoist systems, Sarah will also tune into the systems and functions of the body and organs when necessary for optimal health.

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