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Sarah Wilkinson is an intuitive healer, astrologer and author of vegan cookbook Vegan Recipes To Enhance Your Yoga Life, CICO Books, 2020.

Her work has been featured in many health and wellbeing magazines and online platforms (see below).

She lives in Watlington, Oxfordshire with her dog Stanley.

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What People Say



I have seen Sarah in my home for a number of sessions over the past 6 months and have found her work with me invaluable in supporting my physical and spiritual health. Energy and chakra work in the sessions themselves has been caring, supportive, thorough and fun, and Sarah has followed it up with a host of useful pointers including exercises, articles, videos, links to other therapists, nutritional recommendations etc. I would recommend working with Sarah to anyone struggling with physical challenges, or anyone wishing to tread the path the helps them be their 'best self'. She has been a true blessing.


Sarah helped me when I was very stressed and unsettled due to moving house and not integrating very well with the other animals who already lived there. She gave my owner useful insights about a foot injury that occurred around this time. Sarah's healing helped to soothe my anxiety and settle me better into my new environment. She also helped to balance my chakras and auric layers. Sarah has a lovely energy and is gently intuitive, providing useful insights. My owner and I wouldn't hesitate to 

recommend her services.


I was looking for help on how to find the strength to get on with my life after breast cancer and all the harsh treatments that I had to have. Sarah is a true blessing, always exceptional! Her kindness, sincere caring, and healing made everything better. She is one of the reasons that I am doing very well now. She helps a lot with all my issues that get in the way of my self-expression, self-acceptance and self-love. How to face whatever is in front of me... Words cannot describe how grateful I am. Thank you for taking such good care of me.