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Golden Goddess

Become a Golden Goddess, stepping into your Sovereignty and Reclaiming your Womb Wisdom

My Mission

Supporting women to become empowered by embracing their femininity and sacred sexuality, reclaiming the Goddess in all her glory!

What it's all about

I am passionate about helping women to improve their health and embody their sovereignty. A clean and clear reproductive system - Yoni or Jade Palace - is essential for optimal wellness. By doing integral inner work and womb alchemy, we are honouring our female ancestors and creating a safer and more beautiful dwelling place for the future generations, providing healthier DNA coding. Our creative potential as women needs unblocking - it is so important to reclaim our Goddess power in all her glory to rebalance things on the Earth after the Patriarchal era.

Having been a Women's Healer for many years, I know that working multidimensionally is necessary to reintegrate fragmented parts of ourselves lost during traumatic experiences. Many such experiences take place when we are gestating in the womb, at birth and from age 0-7, when our lower chakras develop to form the basis of our experience here. The condition of the first or root chakra is vital for our immunity, physicality and how we adapt to being human as spirits incarnated. It plays an intrinsic role in the development of our autonomic nervous systems e.g. our fight, flight, freeze responses in life. 

Our sacral chakra is our sexual and creative centre. Sadly this often becomes numb and blocked in many women leading to discomfort in love making, limited orgasms (clitoral only), knowing and expressing their wants and needs both in and outside of the bedroom, and a general lack of interest in pleasurable or creative pursuits. Menstrual cycle issues, PCOS, infertility and hormonal imbalances are very much linked to this area.


I work comprehensively with the lower chakras to enable women to rebuild themselves bit by bit with integrity, gaining confidence and growing stronger roots into the Earth, reconnecting with the Divine Feminine. Once these roots are in place, we move into working with the upper chakras, developing connection with consciousness, the Divine Masculine, psychic intuition, discernment and clear expression. This is how we build a strong connection between Heaven and Earth through the central channel in our bodies.

I use many tools to help women journey into their authentic selves and onto the Dharmic path of liberation. I also help sacred union partnerships to come together, creating happier and healthier sovereign relationships, moving people away from codependent dynamics.


What we focus on healing together:

Spiritual Body

Connecting with our spiritual essence is essential for holistic healing. The soul tends to be in a fragmented state from traumatic experiences and so needs to be fully reintegrated to reach our full and highest sovereign potential in human form. This crucial aspect of ourselves gets neglected in allopathic medicine.

Mental Body

Our negative mental programming from previous incarnations and childhood experiences bears a huge impact on our current state as adults if it has been left unresolved. I see lots of cases where shadow material needs to be integrated here. 

Emotional Body

Our emotional body is often a reflection of our hormone levels and gut function in the body. Many women have imbalances here due to environmental factors, internal toxins, parasites and nervous system disorders. 

Physical Body

The physical body is often the last place that we see an abnormality once all the above have failed at getting us to make the necessary changes to improve our health. This is when we have the accidents, get the inflammation, aches and pains, chronic disorders etc. 

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To get started

 Use the contacts form below to arrange a FREE call to discuss working together. As well as one to one sessions, you will receive access to my 6 Week Goddess Up Programme with Bonuses plus an online Primal Poetry Workshop and an invitation to the monthly Eden Circle.

Sarah is a wonderful soul, a truly unique goddess guide. She is a heart-centred, compassionate and wisdom-filled, powerful healer. A master of her craft. A secret soul. Thank you for the deep, kind, thoughtful sharing and caring.


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