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My Mission

Supporting humanity to become, healthy, empowered Sovereign beings.

What it's all about

I am passionate about helping people to improve their health and embody their sovereignty. By doing integral inner work, detox and purification - and in the case of women, womb alchemy - we are healing our ancestral lineage and creating a safer and more beautiful dwelling place for the future generations, providing healthier DNA coding. The journey to release oneself from the Matrix, Maya, Illusion is the process of ascension as a soul incarnate. It takes great courage to tread this path into what many refer to as the New Earth.

Having been a Healer for many years, I know that working multidimensionally is necessary to reintegrate fragmented parts of ourselves lost during traumatic experiences. Many such experiences take place when we are gestating in the womb, at birth and from age 0-7, when our lower chakras develop to form the basis of our experience here. The condition of the first or root chakra is vital for our immunity, physicality and how we adapt to being human as spirits incarnated. It plays an intrinsic role in the development of our autonomic nervous systems e.g. our fight, flight, freeze responses in life. 

Image by Kien Do

Our sacral chakra is our sexual and creative centre. Sadly this often becomes numb and blocked in many people leading to stagnancy in the body and a lack of motivation in life. To experience true abundance, this area needs to be kept fertile and clear from disease. Hormone balancing is essential to prevent issues with reproductive health, in my online resources I cover this topic comprehensively for women.

I work with the lower chakras as a foundational focus, enabling people to rebuild themselves bit by bit with integrity, gaining confidence and growing stronger roots into the Earth, reconnecting with the primal forces of Nature. By truly earthing, we disconnect with the False Matrix of conflict and suffering.

Only once we heal the war existing within each of ourselves, spiritually, psychologically and physically, will we cease to experience conflict in the outer World.

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What we focus on healing together:

Spiritual Body

Connecting with our multidimensional self is essential for holistic healing. The soul tends to be in a fragmented state from traumatic experiences and so needs to be fully reintegrated to reach our full and highest sovereign potential in human form. This is what some refer to as the path of ascension. We need to access past lives and other timelines to free the soul from false reincarnational negative karmic structures, amongst other things. This crucial aspect of ourselves gets neglected in allopathic medicine.

Mental Body

Our negative mental programming from previous incarnations and childhood experiences bears a huge impact on our current state as adults if it has been left unresolved. I see lots of cases where shadow material needs to be integrated here alongside trauma release. Our logical, intellectual and intuitive cognitive health all need addressing - the pineal gland and the ancient brain must be activated and cleared.

Emotional Body

Our emotional body is often a reflection of our hormone levels and digestive function in the body. Many people have imbalances here due to environmental factors, internal toxins, parasites, SIBO and nervous system disorders. Excess stress hormones being released in the body such as cortisol, due to mast cell activation and histamine intolerance need addressing. Many people that come to me, have issues with processing and mastering their emotions, this is often due to repeated abuse patterns in family, work and relationship settings.

Physical Body

The physical body is the most obvious place that we see an abnormality in our health. This is when we have the accidents, get the inflammation, aches and pains, chronic diseases and disorders flare up. I work to help people eliminate conditions that run in their lineages, to stop it continuing down to the next generation.

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How it works

I work with a selection of powerful pendulums as my main tool, using charts that show me where healing and clearance are required. My superconscious self is directing the movement of the pendulum, it is not a subconscious nor pre-frontally controlled action. For both women and men, I offer 5 weekly remote foundational sessions with access to member only online resources, including modules on the Chakras, Female Health, Womb Alchemy, EFT, Embracing the Divine Feminine, 5 Element Healing, Basic Daily Qigong Exercises and Guided Meditations. 


The focus for each foundational week is as follows:

Week 1 Removing Toxic Imprints

Week 2 Addressing Pain and Illness

Week 3 Exiting Polarity Consciousness

Week 4 Removing Negative Patterns

Week 5 Self Accountability and Acceptance

Within our sessions I will look at clearing ancestral influences, dowsing out the matrix, remove any form of physical, mental, subtle or emotional attack, examine dreams, clear negative karmas, remove soul contracts, collapse timelines, integrate soul fragments, set the foundations for brain healing and mental reprogramming, energetically clear viruses, infections, heavy metals and parasitic imprints; and recommend remedies.


All sessions last 1 hour and the total investment is £399 payable in one or two instalments. If you wish to continue working with me after the foundational 5 weeks, we can discuss the best way forward. 

I also offer sessions to aid with grief processing following separation, divorce and death of loved ones, please contact below to discuss.

To get started

 Use the contacts form below to arrange a FREE call to discuss working together, including an assessment of how aligned you are currently to your true soul purpose.  Please note that I ideally expect a commitment to a vegan, coffee and alcohol free lifestyle when working together or at least a willingness to take the incremental steps towards this.


Sarah is a wonderful soul, a truly unique goddess guide. She is a heart-centred, compassionate and wisdom-filled, powerful healer. A master of her craft. A secret soul. Thank you for the deep, kind, thoughtful sharing and caring.


Regardless of the subject, Sarah always has evolved and intelligent ideas, knowledge and wisdom to offer and she is not one to do things by halves! If you are wondering whether or not to explore healing work with her, I would highly recommend doing so. 


If you are at a point in your life where you feel like you need a break, you may be like me feeling burnt out, needing some boundaries, and how to bring balance into your life, then I would recommend working with Sarah.


Sarah's online resources on Womb Alchemy had a noticeable effect on the level of intimacy I was able to have with my partner, which was wonderful and not expected. I know I am only at the beginning of my womb healing journey, but it's great to finally see why this is one of the most important areas of healing for our spiritual evolution.


When I met Sarah and found out about her work I knew that I wanted to sign up for one to one sessions. The journey so far has been enlightening and Sarah's approach is so refreshing. Sarah has guided me through some difficult and deep traumas and used her amazing skills to work with me and release deep and often ancestral patterns. I highly recommend working with Sarah if you want to find your inner god/goddess and become your authentic self. She will not disappoint, a very talented and inspiring lady with a very different approach.


Contact Sarah

Thanks for reaching out!

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